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د.إ270 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,893

Style No PND510000153RU

د.إ270 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,801

Style No PND510000153EM

د.إ735 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ5,406

Style No PND510000157EM

د.إ457 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,587

Style No PND510000159RU

د.إ575 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,904

Style No PND510000160EM

د.إ575 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ4,128

Style No PND510000160RU

د.إ735 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ5,631

Style No PND510000157RU

د.إ575 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ4,128

Style No PND510000160BS

د.إ457 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,363

Style No PND510000159EM

د.إ353 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,036

Style No PND510000162BS

د.إ353 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,036

Style No PND510000162RU

د.إ353 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,772

Style No PND510000162EM

د.إ457 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,587

Style No PND510000159BS

د.إ735 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ5,631

Style No PND510000157BS

د.إ222 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,379

Style No PND510000146BS

د.إ215 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,486

Style No PND510000139EM

د.إ215 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,733

Style No PND510000139RU

د.إ284 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,806

Style No PND510000148RU

د.إ222 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,379

Style No PND510000146RU

د.إ215 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,733

Style No PND510000139BS

د.إ284 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,806

Style No PND510000148BS

د.إ284 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,559

Style No PND510000148EM

د.إ222 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,133

Style No PND510000146EM

د.إ430 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,534

Style No PND510000114BS

د.إ430 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,534

Style No PND510000114RU

د.إ225 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,970

Style No PND510000112RU

د.إ225 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,932

Style No PND510000112EM

د.إ430 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,839

Style No PND510000114EM

د.إ225 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,970

Style No PND51000012BS

د.إ187 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ4,135

Style No PND510000107RU

د.إ187 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,285

Style No PND510000107EM

د.إ444 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ4,256

Style No PND51000098

د.إ509 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ5,987

Style No PND510000104

د.إ291 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ7,066

Style No PND510000102

د.إ541 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ5,382

Style No PND51000096

د.إ430 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ3,242

Style No PND51000094EM

Buy Gemstone Pendants for Women at the Lowest Prices

When you like wearing jewelry but you don?t want to wear anything too heavy, pendants are the perfect choice for you.

They are so light that you hardly ever notice them on your neck. Yet, they are so beautiful and elegant, they can accentuate your grace considerably. Due to this perfect blend of discreetness and beauty, gemstone pendants are popular among women.

At our store, you?ll find many attractive and exciting pendants under various designs and price ranges. Your budget won?t come in your way of buying gemstone jewelry.

And our large collection of numerous designs will ensure that you find something to suit your personal style without much effort.

Try our gold pendants for women too. We?re sure you won?t be disappointed.

The Most Romantic Gift

Pendants are certainly one of the most romantic gifts possible. With us, you can get her name engraved on the pendant as well, to make the gift more personalized and thoughtful.

We suggest choosing a design based on her preferences and requirements. Does she go to work? Does she wear traditional outfits more or less or never? Which color does she like?

These are a few questions you?d like to answer before you purchase a gemstone pendant. The design is also a vital factor to consider here.

For example, if she would wear the pendant to work, then choose the Spectre designs or the Cluster designs.

For romantic gifts, the perfect design would be the ?Love designs?. They are available in multiple colors thanks to the various stones available. If you have any doubts or questions, you can ask us, without any difficulty.

Real Stones for the Real You

We know finding real stones online is really difficult. But with Jewelebrate, this process is no longer any difficult or cumbersome.

You will only find real stones and authentic jewels on our store. All of our products are certified by an independent laboratory. So you can be certain of getting only the highest grade gemstone pendants for your needs when you purchase here.

Pendants are Evergreen

Women have been wearing pendants since ancient times. You can wear pendants on any occasion without any worries. And because of their universal popularity, they are evergreen.

That?s why we suggest having at least 2 or 3 gemstone pendants in your personal collection.

Buy Gemstone Pendants Today

Get started today. Find and purchase high-quality gemstone pendants only at Jewelebrate and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.