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د.إ260 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,345

Style No RNG10000279

د.إ298 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,204

Style No RNG10000284

د.إ236 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,087

Style No RNG10000275

د.إ288 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,146

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د.إ298 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,204

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د.إ301 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ2,465

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د.إ229 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ1,877

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د.إ776 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ7,271

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د.إ1,050 (apx.) Ex Tax: د.إ11,777

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Style No BRT75000137

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A bond between two siblings can?t be matched any other. And what?s the best way to tell your sister how much you love her than a great piece of jewelry?

At Jewelebrate, you?ll find a large collection of beautiful pendants, rings, chains, necklaces, and bracelets. They all have been handpicked by our designers to create the collection of ?Gifts for Sister?.

From ethnic designs to lightweight designs for everyday wear, our selection is full of variety and great options.

Our jewelry is available at reasonable prices too. That?s because we bring you these products directly from the factory.

Gifts for Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is a divine festival. It?s a unique day which highlights the innocent bond a brother shares with his sister. You?d surely want to give your gift a memorable and surprising gift.

We suggest buying a gold pendant or a diamond bracelet for your sister as a gift for Rakshabandhan. It?s an amazing festival and we?re certain your sister will love such a gift.

The best thing about gold pendants is, they go well with multiple attires. Whether she wears a traditional suit or a beautiful modern dress, a gold pendant will complement both of them.

On the other hand, a beautiful bangle will adorn her wrist and enhance the looks of the same.

Attractive Collections

Our collection has gold jewelry, diamond jewelry as well as designs with gemstones. Such a large variety ensures that you get to find the perfect gift for your sister with the least effort.

We also know that jewelry should match her preferences and personality. For example, if she likes simplicity and plain jewelry, she might love the Gold Slash design in our pendants.

You can engrave her name or initials in the jewelry as well. This will make the gift more personalized and memorable.

Jewelry has always been the perfect gift for any occasion. And with our pure and certified products, you wouldn?t have any difficulty in this regard.

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Buying jewelry at our store is quite easy. You just have to make a few clicks and your order will be placed and we?ll deliver it to your doorstep.

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